Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Director

Dr. Tomás Darío Zapata

Degree in medicine and surgery. Specialist in plastic, cosmetic and repairing surgery. Dr Tomás Darío Zapata practices medicine in several countries such as UAE (Dubai), Gibraltar, Colombia, Brazil and Spain. Member of Spanish Society of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SECORE), and Brazilian Society of plastic Surgery (SBCP). Dr Zapata has a large international presence along his more than 30 years of expertise.

General and Laparoscopic Surgery director

Dr. Rafael Toscano Méndez

Degree in medicine and surgery by the University of Málaga. Specialist in general and digestive surgery. He is manager of Benalmádena HAR surgical process. Specialist in hospital management, high resolution and security of patient. Specialist in comprehensive healthcare process and quality certification models. Master degree in medical management. Expert in clinical unit management.

Laser Surgery Director

Dr. Francisco Díaz Yanes

Degree in medicine and surgery. Specialist in general and digestive surgery. Expert in laser surgery. Specialist in laser surgery of anal and rectal diseases, being one of the most experienced surgeon in the world (more than 3000 cases) in this pathology. Specialist in laser treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis. Vast international experience: Chicago (USA), Helsinki (Finland) and London. Proficiency in English by Cambridge University.

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Dialysis Unit

DIAVERUM Dialysis Centres

At Diaverum, our mission is to improve the quality of life for renal patients by revitalising them both physically and emotionally. Being one of the world’s leading renal care providers, Diaverum offers a holistic approach. The holistic care  approach ranges from primary prevention to all forms of dialysis care & transplant.

Anaesthesiology Service Director

Dr. Antonio Hinojosa Jiménez

Degree in medicine and surgery by the University of Málaga. Specialist in anaesthesiology and resuscitation with a vast experience in medical attention to complex pediatric patients. Participation in PAIN OUT International Project. Teacher in Training Unit of Regional University Hospital and University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria of Málaga.

Dra. Rosa Mª Romero Ruiz

Degree in medicine and surgery, and specialist in anaesthesiology and resuscitation sphere. Anesthesiologist at Regional University Hospital of Málaga. Participant in PAIN OUT international project. Instructor of Advanced Vital Support by cardiopulmonary resuscitation National Plan. Expert in the implementation of the assistance plan in cardiorespiratory arrest. Teacher in Training Unit of Regional University Hospital and University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria of Málaga.

Fertility Service Manager

Dr. José Félix García España

Degree in medicine and surgery by the University of Málaga. In 1991 he moved to United Kingdom to carry out his speciality in obstetrics and gynaecology. In the following seven years he worked in university hospitals like John Radclife of Oxford or St Mary’s Withington in Manchester, getting, after the corresponding exams, the title of MRCOG or member of Royal College in obstetrics and gynaecologist.

When he retuned to Málaga in 1997, he started working in reproduction area in Gutenberg Center under directives of Dr Martinez Moya. He worked in this center until 2011, when he took charge of the unit management of El Angel Hospital in Málaga. He is member of Spanish Society of Fertility and he is part of the organizational committee the next national congress.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit

D. Francisco Garrido

Graduate in physical therapy in 2001 in Málaga. Specialist in respiratory and cardiac physiotherapy, big disability and manipulative osteopathic treatment.

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María Isabel Felices Montes

Degree in medicine and surgery. Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. FEA physical medicine and rehabilitation at University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria of Málaga, Spain, as responsible of Raquis deviation Unit.and interventionist rehabilitation Unit. Rehabilitative doctor at Quirón Hospital Málaga as member of Locomotive System Unit. Rehabilitative doctor at El Angel Hospital Málaga, Spain, as member of Traffic Accident Unit.

Odontology Service, Implant Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Javier Palma García

Graduate in Dentistry from the University of Granada. Postgraduate in oral surgery and implant dentistry. Graduate in Nursing from the University of Malaga.

Training in Madrid Dental Hospital in methods of implantology, bone grafting and maxillary sinus floor augmentation.

Ample teaching experience as Lecturer Associated to the Centre for Training and Research of the Public Company for Health Emergencies (EPES) under the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Advanced Ophthalmology Service

Dr. Ildefonso Fernández Baca Casares

Degree in medicine and surgery. Specialist in ophthalmology. He was director of clinical ophthalmology management unit at the regional university hospital of Málaga. He managed glaucoma unit, pediatric ophthalmology and retina vitreous at regional university hospital Carlos Haya. He currently coordinates cataracts unit and lead one of the most experienced professional team in ophthalmology field. He has an ongoing professional training and knowledge on state-of-the-art surgical technique and ocular treatments.

Oncology Unit

Instituto Oncológico Xanit

Dr Rafael Trujillo is director at Xanit oncological institute. His aim is provide with diagnosis and high scientific quality treatments for cancer. It is a multidisciplinary area where the patient is diagnosed, seen by the oncologist and, in a week, the patient can be operated. It has five functional units, where lung units, head and neck tumour, breast unit and gynaecological tumours are included.

It has the screening and genetic advice unit, which offers the possibility of make a genetic check that will let know the genetic predisposition of having a breast or colon cancer.

Traumatology Service Manager

Dr. Alejandro Espejo Baena

Degree in medicine and surgery. Orthopedic surgeon and specialist in arthroscopical surgery. His domain is based on knee disease, general arthroscopical surgery and sporting injury. He also provides medical services in most sporting federations. In surgical field, he has attended more than 10.000 knee ligament surgeries, and he has also designed and published several surgical techniques for its treatment. Furthermore, due to the sensitivity towards the preservation of the meniscus, he has established techniques and has registered a patent of a device for the stitch of the meniscus.

Urology Service Manager

Dr. Javier Machuca Santacruz

Degree in medicine and surgery. Specialist in urology. Expert in urological and laparoscopic surgery, urinary incontinence and removal of the calculus with lithotripsy. Furthermore, he is expert in prostate surgery using a green light laser technique and reconstructive post-oncological surgery. Also, he has a vast experience in the surgery field using Da Vincci technique. He was the management unit director of urology clinic of the University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria.

Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine unit Hospital El Angel

After twenty-five years of experience and more than four thousands patients attended, he supports the professional and leisure diving sphere and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The hyperbaric medicine unit has two hyperbaric multiplace chambers connected by the same cylinder of 15 m and 2,5 m height. It is a safe therapy, with few contraindications which, with the rest of measures needed by the patients, can resolve very serious diseases with high mortality risk and disabling consequences. Also, it can improve the quality of life and the hospitalization time in cases of chronic diseases.